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There are lots of different reasons mold can form: a very wet spring; a leaking pipe; a dark damp environment; or a long snowy winter. The real problem exist when spores begin colonizing, making mold a very common problem. You may think you have every area on your property dry, but our clients often don’t check every area of their home for moisture, and do not notice mold growth.

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    Improper Ventilation

    Mold loves moisture. Don’t provide a space for mold to grow when your home isn’t properly ventilated, say when appliances in the kitchen or bathroom aren’t ventilated properly. Remember how mold loves dark and damp, well some ventilation lines present can be released into an attic or crawlspace where mold loves to grow.

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    Leaky Pipes

    No one is expected to check their bathroom and kitchen pipes every week, however one of the big troublemakers in mold formation are leaky pipes, and can continue leaking and going unnoticed for long periods of time.

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    Secondary Damage

    Secondary damage, when something is improperly corrected, can only be prevented by the techniques that are used by professional mitigation companies. Mold is more likely to colonize and spread when secondary damage from water loss is not addressed properly.

Equipment matters!

We employ state of the art mold remediation processes, techniques, equipment and technology which are needed to effectively and efficiently remove and kill mold spores. We can get rid of molds from various surfaces which include grout, tile, carpeting, subfloors, concrete, drywall and much more. We use green products to ensure not only the safety of those in the house, but for the environment as well.

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Margaaa has been providing emergency cleaning services in the GTA for the last 3 years, and we are proud to share the results of some of our projects with you.

Check out our project gallery to see how Margaaa has helped past clients with flood damage, fire damage, mould removal and steam cleaning. We think you’ll agree that our work is top notch, and we would love to help you see the same results.